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Liskey’s Auto and Truck Service history

Our story begins in 1960 when George Liskey, our founding father, opened the doors of this two‐man shop. George worked for the John Bean Corporation here in Lansing and was by far, way ahead of his time. George was a pioneer in the automotive suspension field. He would develop and published the first suspension specification chart in the industry. Front of the shop - old picture | Liskey's Auto & TruckGeorge would take measurements and document his findings on all types of vehicles. George worked very diligently to develop a way to keep vehicles aligned to their true center, thus resulting in cars tracking forward in a positive direction.

In 1962, Ed Carpenter, recently graduated from Ferris State College, moved his family to the Lansing area and began working for George Liskey. They formed a close relationship both working and personal. After a few years, Ed decided it was time to move on and get more exposure in the automotive field. He left Liskey’s and went to work for a local dealership.

In 1972 George Liskey approached Ed and offered to sell the business to him. It was time for both men to broaden their horizons and the transaction was made. After purchasing Liskey’s, Ed didn’t have the necessary funds to rename the business. He also decided that being an established business in the Lansing area, would benefit him to keep the name and carry on in the specialized field that was evolving in the automotive world. In 1972 Liskey’s was a three bay shop. Today we have thirteen bays with several experienced technicians to serve all of our customers’ automotive needs.

During his tenure, Ed became a fixture in the downtown area. Liskey’s became even more widely known for their abilities and specialties. Ed personally earned many accreditations: Businessman of Year as awarded by the Greater Lansing Business Monthly, participant of the Automotive Advisory Board of Lansing Community College. Ed also served on the Board of Directors, as well as President of the Automotive Service Association of Michigan. In addition, he participated in the Board of Directors of the Turner Dodge House, just to name a few.

In 1993 the original Liskey’s location had been bought by the City of Lansing for its parking project and future Stadium District. Ed had already acquired Herms Body Shop on the East side of Larch Street as part of the Liskey’s experience. So the decision was made to close and renovate the body shop and to stay downtown, thus came the slogan “I stayed downtown to serve you!” On February 28, 1994, Lansing saw the Liskey’s Tool Box Parade with then Mayor David Hollister helping move tool boxes across Larch Street to bring Liskey’s to its new home. Many other dignitaries as well as local TV stations were also on hand for the occasion

In 2003, Ed and his son, Jerry, made another transition. Jerry would take over the daily operations of the business and Ed would, once again, broaden his own horizons in yet another direction. This time his new endeavor would be a U‐Cut Christmas Tree Farm.

Jerry was raised here in the Lansing area and would often come to the shop after school and help his Dad and the other technicians by sweeping the floors and moving vehicles in and out of the shop. He would take care of the lot and many other helpful things that allowed his Dad and the staff to keep working on cars. Jerry’s Mom and Dad taught their children from early on that working hard would have its rewards if you were diligent in your work ethics.

After Jerry graduated from High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and spent four years in Bremerton, Washington. During this time away from home, Ed called Jerry and asked if he was interested in running the shop someday. After some soul searching and careful consideration he responded with a resounding yes. After his time serving our country, Jerry returned home to enroll in Lansing Community College and begin learning the automotive trade from his father and colleagues. Both Jerry and Ed also possess degrees from the Automotive Management Institute.

Since taking over the reins of Liskey’s, Jerry has embraced the same philosophy as his father. From customer service to public service he always approaches a situation with careful consideration. To further that, Jerry has also been and is currently on the Lansing Community College Automotive Advisory Board. This board advises the automotive department of various developments in the automotive field. Jerry also serves on the Service Dealer Advisory Council for the Automotive Distribution Network. This group is comprised of service garages and parts stores from around the country. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Automotive Service Association of Michigan. This organization works with the political issues of automotive repair. In 2009, 2010, & 2012 Liskey’s was voted Best Repair Facility in Lansing by readers of the City Pulse, a local magazine. Jerry also served for several years on the Board of Directors of the Capitol Quarter Midget Association. This organization teaches and supports children 5‐16 years of age in Auto Racing for Kids. Again, teaching and grooming young people in automotive related issues and sportsmanship.

The motto “There Is No Substitute For Quality” came from a sign that hung over the area that Ed worked as a young man working for George Liskey. This is not just our motto, but a way life. A way of life for George. A way of life for Ed. A way of life for Jerry. A way of life for everyone at Liskey’s.

Ed & Jerry Carpenter

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A message from Ed and Jerry

“There are three things that I have always strived to maintain here at Liskey’s. The Experience and Training of my technicians, the Quality of the Parts we install during a repair and the Honesty with which each repair is handled and presented to the customer. To maintain the “Quality Service” we insist on, our technicians are constantly kept abreast of new technologies in the automotive field. We make sure that education is an ongoing experience for the entire staff. We purchase “Quality Parts” because we believe they are well worth the relatively small increase in price over the “cheap” parts in longer life and craftsmanship. Our last goal, “Honesty”. In all aspects of service honesty is definitely the best policy. We make recommendations for our customers as though we are doing the work for our own family. We prioritize and explain the needed repairs so our customers can make informed decisions. By putting the decision making process back in the hands of an informed customer, it builds a trust that is so vitally important in our industry. We hope all of our customers feel like they are part of our extended family.”

“Quality” to us is more than just a word.
It means doing the very best job you can do every time.

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A message from Ed and Jerry


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The successful automotive repair shop is continually faced with keeping up on the latest changes and improvements in the technology involved in keeping your vehicle running down the road in a safe an efficient manner. As in any profession, this requires continuous ongoing education

Technicians today face challenges they never dreamed of ten to fifteen years ago. The electrical systems of today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever before. We are only on the tip of the technological iceberg.

These changes have forced the automotive repair industry to develop the education, training and new diagnostic repair equipment necessary for maintaining and servicing this new technology. Our suppliers play a major role in this education process by providing us with ongoing technical support, training and informative industry publications. They do this because they understand that as in any industry, providing training and education is the best investment a business can make